About Awaken in 2021

2021…wow, what a strange start to the new year but Awaken Comics is still alive and kicking. For those of you who are new, Awaken Comics has been around for 7 years and is comprised of friends Alex Harper and Aaron Bigelow, and occasionally our good friend Kanova Williams. Using this website we’ve published a handfull of stuff to read online for the last 6 years. Currently as of January 2021 Aaron Bigelow is putting together a few new comics into print, Big Bounty: Bob Johnson and the Double Whammy (previously seen online, but updated art for the print, and also To The Death! Aaron’s newest comic.  Alex is working on doing some Spinoff stories for To The Death! this year and Kanova is currenty being begged for any art he can get us, because it’s always so much fun to look at.


For 2021 the goal is to get the online store up and running. Primarily up until this year we have been at local cons selling copies and original art (pre-covid anyways), or reading it straight off of this site or at Aaron’s personal site www.aaronbig.com was the only way to read our work. Well this year we are planning on taking it to the next step and building an online store. This will be an easier way for Alex, Aaron, and Kanova to get you some product. Thinking some Comics, Stickers, Shirts, and Prints to start off with. So look for that in the next couple of months!

POST SCHEDULE! Posts Weekly, either by Wednesday one week and Saturday the next. You’ll figure it out, we believe in you:)

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