For a long time I worked on a book that had these two characters based on my kids called Powerballs, as they got older and lost interest so did I. Powerballs was a great learning experience for me though, as I learned to work digitally and opened up to using color rather than just black and white story telling like I was doing before.

An old Big Bounty group sketch. Feeling out how the gang will work in my sketchbook.

Here’s a fun Bob Johnson bookmark I made with Copic Markers on Bristol Board.

Here is some more Bob Johnson. This guy was floating around in my head for a long time, and was surely inspired by the cool bodyguards at the beginning of Ghost In The Shell, an amazing movie any animation fan should see. I finally found a home for him in what is to this date my longest project, Big Bounty: Bob Johnson & the Double Whammy. Still love drawing the man with the briefcase machine gun.

Here is Coop and the rest of the gang from Big Bounty plus a bunch of the characters that have made appearances in the stories thus far. Read them all free in the Big Bounty Tab to the left.